The work of a notary is characterized by responsibility and precision in its execution. Contracts must be waterproof, escrow accounts kept safe, payments organized and formal acts handled faultlessly. Due to his official liability and his duty to check everything carefully the notary stands for the lawful execution of all those tasks.

We guarantee the optimal advisory care in notarial matters on the basis of our yearlong experience and the reassurance that all contracts will remain enforceable. We are fully qualified

to carry out tasks under the following headings:

• Real estate law [Transfer of real estate, easements [real servitude], mortgages]

• Laws of succession [Notarial recordings of last wills, contracts of inheritance, application for

   the certificate of inheritance]

• Family law [Marriage contracts, divorce agreements, health care proxy]

• Company law [Founding of limited companies, joint-stock companies, change of corporate

• Charter amendments, applications to commercial and association registers, for branches of

   companies as well and according to European law.


Read out, approved and sealed.

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