Trust is vital for the co-operation of lawyer and client. The client must trust the competency of his attorney just as the lawyer is dependent on the honest and constant flow of information from the client. Teamwork is the basis for any success.

Then there is the quality of the law office. Solving complicated facts and circumstances conclusively, competency in the respective subject areas and a sure knowledge of the legal profession is self-evident. But the true character of a legal office shows in the understanding and sensitivity for the personal needs of the client, the diligence, thorough research, the detecting of the opponent’s weak points, fathoming the possibilities of a settlement as much as the consequent development of a successful strategy are as indispensable alongside the professional qualification as the precision in the handling of a case.

For over 20 years the clients of Herwig & Colleagues have benefited from these features and

95 % of the restitution cases have been successfully concluded.

Trust is good, success is better.

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